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Help, wrapping Scintilla for pygtk


Just why?

Scintilla is a the powerful text editor widget.  I’s used by a lot of applications, it’s something like this:

Scintilla is for GTK+ but this f*** widget doesn’t follow standards from GTK+/GObject.

In the actual state of things there isn’t a good pygtk IDE/editor written in pygtk (there’s pida but uses embedded editors  like vim and emacs), and I think the reason is that there isn’t a scintilla wrapper. To make a comparison with pyqt there’s the fairly complete eric.

The code source editor for pygtk  is pygtksourceview but this widget hasn’t the code-completion feature and the code folding feauture that in my opinion are fundamental. These features will be implented in near(?) future and I will use it, but I (maybe we) need a powerful editor now.

I want to wrap scintilla for pygtk, it was wrapped sometime ago by Roberto Cavada but it’s outdated  and his mail isn’t reachable.

The current state of things

  • found GtkScintilla widget, a well-formatted GObject scintilla distribution. It’s outdated but it’s a good starting point to write another GObject to wrap.
  • I generate the wrapper  (cfr Wrapping Gobject) for GtkScintilla but I can’t compile it … frustrating.
  • In next days I will test a little the scintilla distribution to focus the design and to learn to compile all the things… I need.

There’s a lot of work to do, it’s very hard, every help is accepted (everyone can partecipate, also without experience. Just tell me in comments or via e-mail).

Wish me good luck!


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